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My Projects

Here is a list of my recent projects that I have completed or revamped within the last 2 years.
I have only listed projects that I completed by myself & I have listed them in order (newest first) of when I last completed/updated them.

Stephen Daly

Platform: MVC5, C#, HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap), JavaScript (jQuery), XML
Performance: Page Speed Grade A (99%) | YSlow Grade A (96%) | GTmetrix Report
Details: I suppose it makes sense to mention this website first since it’s my most recent. I wanted to get familiar with MVC5 so I decided to redo my personal website with a strong focus on responsive design & performance. I implemented reCAPTCHA into the contact form to prevent spam & created a filter feature in my toolbox section. I also included the statistics from my websites to display how important I feel about performance & the uptime of my work.

Dublin Tuition

Platform: ASP.Net 4.5, C#, HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript (jQuery)
Performance: Page Speed Grade A (95%) | YSlow Grade A (94%) | GTmetrix Report
Details: This was a website which I originally developed in 2009 and then in 2014 I completely redeveloped it with a focus on performance & to make it responsive using the latest technologies. I created a quote and a contact form which they both have the ability to quickly enable reCAPTCHA in case of spam (currently turned off). I configured the email using Google Apps and integrated Google Analytics with extra events/conversions like the Ajax form requests. I took advantage of URL Routing to make sure the new URL's would be better for SEO reasons as well as other SEO tips like adding more unique & relevant titles/descriptions. I also made sure all the previous pages do a 301 Redirect to the corresponding new page.


Platform: vBulletin 5, PHP5, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
Details: This was a very exciting project for me because it gave me a chance to learn PHP. I was the sole developer working on this project and it turned out to be a great success. The goal was for the user to be logged into the vBulletin forum automatically once they are logged into the official WEBZEN Portal even though they are 2 completely different systems with no direct access to each other (seperated for security reasons as vBulletin is a 3rd party forum solution). For this to work I needed to deeply understand the vBulletin code/DB to add my changes and to help create the Web Service to handle the authentication. I also created a new Recent Post feature and lots of other modifications. I accomplished all this by creating 2 different plugins/products (1 for the custom authentication & 1 for all the extra modifications) and I also added settings so that my new features could be easily managed in the vBulletin admin control panel.

ASL Electrical

Platform: ASP.Net, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
Performance: Page Speed Grade A (99%) | YSlow Grade A (93%) | GTmetrix Report
Details: This was a website which I originally developed in 2010 and then I updated to make responsive & improved the performance in 2014. It is an Ajax driven website & it works well on all devices (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile). I performed all the recommended SEO Tips by Google to ensure a high ranking & I aslo added a Security Tips feature to make the website feel more active.

Rappelz Game Launcher

Address: | Direct Link (read note below)
Note: If you clicked on the direct link above then please note that some buttons only work when the page is loaded in the actual game client because that is where this special page is intended to be loaded in. If you view the source and search for "action://" then you can see which buttons are special. You will also see special comments in the head. The game developer needed a page with these specific actions/comments but I had freedom/control over everything else.
Platform: ASP.Net, C#, T-SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
Details: The News list is retrieved from the database using T-SQL & it uses Ajax to retrieve each news item when the subject is clicked. I cached the result of the news list query to the DB on the server and I also cached the Ajax response in a JavaScript object (Memoization) so that if a user goes back to a news item that they previously clicked on then it won't need to make a 2nd request to the server. The Community links & background image are also both retrieved from the DB. I created a back-end tool for the community managers to manage these links.

WEBZEN Diagnostic Tool

Download: Official | Mirror
Platform: Windows Forms, C#
Details: The support team were getting a lot of tickets regarding game performance which was usually related to the user’s hardware or their connection to the game server. To help investigate these requests, I created this tool to gather the information needed for the System Engineers to analysis the cause of these issues. The main requirements were to keep the tool simple with 1 main click to action button, executable file (no installation) & to support/detect the user’s language.

Tallaght Glazing

Platform: ASP.Net, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
Details: This was a website which I originally developed in 2010 and then I updated to improve the performance & made it Ajax driven in 2013. My plan is to update this website to be responsive & to improve the performance further.